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Ice Ice Baby

The temperature in Chicago came up from the -15* polar vortex and increased close to 40* today and yesterday. Heat wave! Despite the warmer weather, my life has been pretty icy lately. To begin, my boyfriend (who I will now refer to on this blog as Mr. A) and I went on an ice skating date last night. iceskatedate   Mr. A recently purchased hockey skates; I think I was more excited than he was to test them out 😉 For those of you in Chicago, I highly recommend that you check out the outdoor ice rinks because skating is definitely a cheap way to have fun – especially when I know most of you have cabin fever right about now. I was surprised to find that there are more rinks than the one at Millennium Park, and they’re a lot less crowded. Another icy event in my weekend was the run I went on earlier this afternoon. icyroad   I held onto the black railing to the right of the photo for dear life while going underneath this bridge. SO DANGEROUS. I think I’ll stick to the treadmill for awhile longer. Luckily, most of the path looked like this: winterpark   Prior to today, I hadn’t run outside since the Turkey Trot I completed on Thanksgiving! Winter running is not my friend, but I miss running outside so very much 🙁 My right knee has been killing me lately, so I had to deal with a little more ice when I got home. iceknee   The knee isn’t too bad; foam rolling and icing have helped me immensely this week.  I should be just fine for my half marathon next weekend. At least I have my new adult onesie to keep me warm. adultonesie   I have no shame posting this ridiculousness to the internet. EXCELLENT Christmas gift, if I do say so myself. Thanks, Mr. A!