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Last First Day

Today marks my last first day as a full-time graduate student! Next year, I’ll still be in school, but only to complete my clinical internship and take some exams that will certify me as a counselor. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I went to Target and treated myself to some notebooks and highlighters. highlighterz To be honest, those highlighters were only $1, but at a different Target they were $1.50! Interesting… Also while at Target, I picked up some wine for a double date at my friend’s place tomorrow evening. I use the term “double date” loosely because my friends’ adorable baby girl will be there too 🙂 el vino   My favorite pinot noir (No. 8) was on sale, so I had to get it. pinotnoir   Thursdays are my favorite days because I’m always off work. This morning I biked at the gym for 30 minutes, drank lots of tea while reading magazines, did 2 hours of volunteer work, and now I have class. Guess what?! I haven’t had coffee in TWO DAYS. For me, this is kind of extreme. I have coffee every morning without fail, but switched over to green tea – mostly because I want to do an experiment where I significantly reduce what I spend on groceries. Tea is cheaper than coffee. <-more on this in a different post. greentea   I also had a health screening for my health insurance this morning and was slightly disappointed in my results. I’m still healthy, but less so than last year.  Apparently I shouldn’t eat like I’m training for a marathon when I’m not actually training for a marathon anymore. I’m definitely going to make a solid effort to eat healthier and maybe do some food posts (though this is definitely not a food blog because I hate cooking). Time for class! Talk to you later 🙂