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Lazy Weekend

I shouldn’t have given this post such a generic title because I will probably have plenty more “lazy weekends.” On the other hand, the fear of repeating post titles could motivate me to do more on weekends 😉 Typical Saturdays for me involve working a half day, but I didn’t have to go in this weekend, which definitely threw off my momentum.  I go to a gym near my work, which meant that I canceled my Saturday workout and moved it to Sunday. The weather in Chicago is pretty abysmal, too. I cleaned off my car at least five times within the last three days. My motivation to get off the couch is pretty low. weatherjan5 Monday and Tuesday are going to be COLD! Friday’s 36* looks amazing to me. Isn’t that sad? jan5garbage I went to my parents’ house today and my mom had me pick up ice cream at CVS (yes, ice cream when it’s freezing out… good one, mom). I figured this garbage can was the perfect way to measure just how much snow fell over the weekend. My photography is so amazing; such good lighting for a CVS garbage can picture 😛 Aside from watching an entire season of How I Met Your Mother and getting take out for every meal, I made one healthy choice this weekend, which was going to the gym. I ran 3 miles and biked 3 miles, so I guess I ran a duathlon of sorts! My goal was to run 4 miles, but my knee started hurting.  It felt good to foam roll. jan5foamroller The most exciting thing about my workout was using my new GymPact app!! jan5gympact For anyone who doesn’t know, GymPact is an app that allows users to bet on how many times they plan to go to the gym in one week.  Basically, you get paid for working out! Because this is my first Pact, I have bonus days to achieve my goal of three workouts. In this crappy weather, I definitely need extra motivation. Potentially losing $5 pushed me to drive through the snow and fit in a workout today. Cross your fingers that my work will declare a “cold day” tomorrow!