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2013 in Review

A huge part of why I wanted to start this blog was to have a place for storing memories. I’m a reflective person and love to find meaning in everything I do. Call me cheesy, but it’s just the way I am 🙂 Of course it makes sense to post to a review of the high points from last year. In 2013 I…. Had my first Bloody Mary

20140103-110107.jpg Counseled my first and second clients Had an awesome valentine

20140103-114225.jpg Discovered my love for red wine, specifically pinot noir. Had the opportunity to work downtown a couple days per week from January through May. I felt like a big shot 😉 Showed off my acting skills in a biblical play.

20140103-123612.jpg Challenged myself to eat one salad per day for thirty days. The salad below was awful, but it’s the only photo I have from the challenge….

20140103-120000.jpg PRed my favorite race, the Shamrock Shuffle 8k with my friend Sara and Uncle Doug with a time of 44:00.

20140103-120313.jpg And went on to PR the Cinco de Miler in 43:38!

20140103-120639.jpg Traveled to Boston to visit my cousin, Katerina, and run the Run to Remember Half Marathon.

20140103-120812.jpg We also ventured out to Quincy, MA and had Marylou’s iced coffee, inspired by Tina of Carrots n’ Cake! And, yes, I totally got Peanut Butter Wonderful flavored iced coffee 🙂

20140103-120948.jpg I came home from Boston to a birthday surprise from my boyfriend at the door to my apartment.

20140103-121220.jpg Had a fabulous birthday night out with my friends, Annie and My. They took me to a vegetarian restaurant and then an ice cream shop. Then more friends joined us to play games at Guthrie’s Tavern, which is a bar with board games 🙂

20140103-121437.jpg I ran on the lakefront often when the weather was warm.

20140103-121529.jpg Finished FOUR half marathons over the summer and five for the entire year if you include the one in Boston.


20140103-121725.jpg Traveled to Southern Illinois for a weekend getaway and got to run in the country.

20140103-121831.jpg Attended Summerfest in Milwaukee for the first time! Chopped off 8 inches of my hair and donated it.

20140103-121943.jpg Attended my first and second brewery tours ever.

20140103-122036.jpg Regularly “pug sat” this little girl 🙂

20140103-122135.jpg Took two painting and wine classes!


20140103-122243.jpg Spent time with family <3 20140103-132944.jpg Volunteered at the Chicago Marathon with Sara!

20140103-133115.jpg Ran a zombie 5k to benefit my BFF’s workplace.

20140103-134245.jpg Dressed as Tinker Bell for Halloween.

20140103-141508.jpg Went on a haunted bar tour Ice skated in downtown Milwaukee Maintained a 4.0 in grad school and won a scholarship! Became a Starbucks gold card member

20140103-134900.jpg Received huge Reese’s peanut butter cups for having perfect attendance at work in 2013

20140103-134556.jpg Had a blast decorating my apartment for Christmas!

20140103-135405.jpg I’m sure there was more that happened last year, but this was all the stuff I remembered off the top of my head. I learned a lot about myself in 2013 and had many good times. There is more I want to accomplish in 2014 and I can’t wait to share about that in upcoming posts. If you made it through this long post, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!