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Confession Time: I shied away from starting a blog for so long because I didn’t think I was good enough, fast enough (at running because this blog will focus a great deal on my running goals), or knowledgeable enough to have anything of value to say. There’s a motivational quote that has something to do with lacing up your running shoes being the most difficult part of working out. I find this to be true in many other aspects of my life. This includes blogging. All I had to do was register this domain and write; now I’m a blogger after merely one day!

20140102-130444.jpg ^the angle of photos like this one make me laugh, but don’t my shorts and shoes coordinate well? I used excuses about how I don’t take enough photos to start a blog and that I don’t have enough time. The truth is, I just didn’t MAKE time. As for the photos, I have a phone with a camera. That should be enough for me at this stage in my blogging career. It’s all a matter of whipping out my phone and documenting this little life of mine.

20140102-130637.jpg Today I documented that it snowed a ton in Chicago! Instead of making excuses, the real answer to my problems was to simply BEGIN. Is anything holding you back from achieving your goals?