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My First Post!

I’ve had a number of blogs over the years, but couldn’t keep up with them. I think my last one on WordPress ended over a year ago. For some reason, I have a feeling that this blog will last. I’m excited to be here and have SO MUCH to write! My About page is up (although it’s not yet complete), but I suppose I can give you a little more information about myself here. I live, work, and attend grad school in Chicago. For the sake of my employer’s protection, I will not reveal what I do (there’s a strict social media policy and I don’t want to get fired). I’m working on a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and love to learn about other people. I was once an avid runner and am currently trying to get back into a running régime. I’m running a half marathon in two weeks and training has been lackluster at best <-more on this race later! It's New Year's Day, which made it seem like the perfect time to begin my blog. The blog is under construction, but I just had to put up a post. Perhaps it's a cliché to start something new at the beginning of the year, but motivation is motivation. If New Years motivates me, then I'll take it. I mostly chilled with my friends' dog, Chewie today, but that was while setting up the blog, which still counts as productivity ;) 20140101-215617.jpg My first dinner of 2014 was breakfast. It was a wise choice because it was full of protein for this vegetarian! Maybe I’ll post about why I’m a vegetarian sometime, too. I really do have so much to talk about on here! 20140101-215748.jpg I’ll write more within the next couple of days and eventually get into the routine of daily updates. Happy 2014!